C.O.R.E. (Continuing Our Retrouvaille Experience) is a support group that is available to all members of Retrouvaille. The Weekend and Post sessions last 7 weeks. Your marriage is for life. For most couples, it takes consistent work to rediscover and change a marriage. C.O.R.E. offers that support through regular meetings with other couples who want the same things from their marriage as you do.

C.O.R.E. groups meet once a month at St. Thomas Aquinas in Madison. Each meeting consists of a presenting couple who gives a 10-15 minute presentation. Couples then have an opportunity to connect one-on-one and discuss a topic relating to the presentation. C.O.R.E. is a great way to interact with couplesĀ and support each other in our marriages.

Most couples will need some form of regular motivation to continue rebuilding their marriage. All couples who attend C.O.R.E. provide hope and an example of the power of healing to each other.

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